Saunders Partnership were the appointed architects for this purpose-built facility for Securicor Omega Express, being at the time the largest ‘Super Hub’ distribution centre in the UK.


Project Value: £15M

Location: Hatfield, Hertfordshire


It comprises 35,000 sq ft of fully fitted office accommodation and 125,000 sq ft of distribution warehousing as well as a separate vehicle maintenance workshop. With a contract value of £15 million, the facility was constructed under JCT Design and Build form of contract. It contains a very sophisticated purposebuilt 'Super Hub' conveyor system which sorts incoming and outgoing parcels. This machinery cost more than the entire building project an required a complex labyrinth of mezzanine access galleries, with some challenging means of escape problems to solve. The building has 160 loading docks which operate around the clock and, as you might expect, an extremely high level of security. The conveyor equipment has high energy requirements and the standby generators, provided to ensure continuity of electricity supply, are so massive that they are used to supply electricity to the National Grid at peak times.

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