26th April 2018

Saunders Commitment To “Earn And Learn” Job Opportunities

Saunders has committed to ensuring that 5% of our total workforce will be made up of apprentices, sponsored students or graduates on formal programmes within five years. To confirm this commitment, Saunders joined The 5% Club, an industry-led initiative of businesses that provide “earn and learn” opportunities.

The 5% Club was formed by Leo Quinn, CEO of Balfour Beatty, in 2013 in response to high youth unemployment and a lack of skills in the workplace. He believes that employers – the job creators – are best placed to know the skills that will drive our future shared prosperity in the UK. He saw The 5% Club as a commitment by employers – the job creators – giving them an opportunity to play a specific part on the demand side.

Members of The 5% Club are helping individuals develop the skills and talents needed to become more employable and enjoy meaningful careers. We publicly report our progress in an annual report to the club to ensure that we meet our commitment.
“Saunders have helped a number of school leavers to enter the architectural profession through financial and training assistance. We are pleased to have made this public commitment to continue and increase this support. We are 2018 finalists in the Inspiring Herts Awards - Excellence in People Development category - run by the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, which is further recognition of our commitment to our team’s professional development.”

Read more about The 5% Club www.5percentclub.org.uk